Jon Hoffman

Research Director

Jon Hoffman is the Research Director at DAWN.

He is an expert on US foreign policy, politics, and religion in the Middle East. He has published extensively on the Middle East in various academic and policy-oriented platforms, such as Foreign Policy, The Washington Post, National Interest, Middle East Policy, Digest of Middle East Studies, and many more.

He was recently awarded the "40 under 40" award from the Middle East Policy Council for his work on U.S. foreign policy in the region.

Jon received his M.A. in Middle East and Islamic Studies and his B.A. in Global Affairs from George Mason University. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate at George Mason University, finalizing his dissertation on how Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE have utilized religion as an instrument of soft power following the Arab uprisings.

"Democracy remains the most effective way to tackle terror, stop bloodshed and political violence in Arab countries."

- JAMAL KHASHOGGI, Al-Arabiya, June 12, 2016