Jack Steele

Research Assistant.

Jack works as a research assistant with DAWN. He graduated from Harvard Law School with a Masters in Law in 2020, with a particular focus on international law, constitutional law, and political philosophy. While at Harvard, he volunteered with the International Human Rights Clinic, on a project centring on extrajudicial killing. Before going to Harvard, he studied law at Oxford University, graduating in 2018. He has previously worked as a legal analyst and as a paralegal.

At DAWN, Jack provides legal analysis of the treatment of detainees in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt. He has also worked on DAWN's advocacy for human-rights orientated foreign policy.

Jack is also a teaching fellow at Harvard University for the Fall term 2020, teaching political philosophy to students on Michael Sandel's Justice course.

Beyond his work with DAWN, Jack enjoys reading, chess, and playing, watching and thinking about soccer."

"Democracy remains the most effective way to tackle terror, stop bloodshed and political violence in Arab countries."

- JAMAL KHASHOGGI, Al-Arabiya, June 12, 2016


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